Tropical surf and yoga camps/retreats in Puerto Escondido, Mexico!

Wanna have fun with the new friends, learn to surf or improve your surfing skills, enjoy amazing ecotrips and adventurous ocean trip — than join us on 14 days Amazing Surf, Yoga, Adventure Camp!

Several times per year spring, autumn and winter holidays we are running «SURF&YOGA» camps, which includes accommodation in our gorgeous SURF VILLA right on the surf spot, surf lessons, full theory course and yoga lessons twice a week, barbecue party and adventure tours. Every day adventures, new friends and surf!

Next surf camp dates: Temporarily due to COVID 19 we are not running group surf camps, but  we are accepting individuals, families and small groups of friends — Quotes 

Despite the surf camps, our packages of SURF&STAY available all year round!

Surf camp package includes:

  • Accommodation at our gorgeous surf villa — 13 nights /14 days
  • Welcome drink and fruits
  • Intensive surf course — 10 semi private surf lessons
  • Round transfers to surf trips
  • Equipment during the surf lessons, rash guard and wax
  • Photo and video coach session every week
  • Pictures on the wave and certificate after the course
  • Full theory course «Basics of surfing»  — 7 lessons
  • Pilates for surfers  twice a week
  • Surf movie nights with tacos and drinks/once per week
  • Day trip to lagoon with swimming at glowing plankton (New Year camp only)
  • Adventure boat trip into the open ocean
  • Closing barbecue party at the surf villa

Accommodation. B SURFER surf villa is situated in the beautiful bay of La Punta de Zicatela of the famous Puerto Escondido surfing town, right on the beach with famous world class waves. Nowadays La Punta de Zicatela is the heart of surfing and «pura vida» life of Puerto Escondido, within the walking distance from villa you will find best restaurants, beach and chill-outs bars and lounges, local markets filled with fresh vegetables and fruits, local cafes with delicious mexican foods, surf and organic shops. Beach volleyball games, sunset walking and surf parties is a part of everyday life in this place!

All level students. B Surfer makes surf camps for all level of students: from complete beginners to upper intermediate surfers who want to improve their surfing skills and get more knowledge about waves and the ocean.

Intensive surf course. Every group during surf camp will be divided into smaller focus groups, depending on the level of surfing skills you have! B Surf guarantees one instructor for two students, to ensure your safety and best learning results.

The surf lesson lasts two hours, including warm-up, necessary information about surf spots, theory part and practicing in the water. We are not gonna make surfing champions of our students, we gonna teach you the basics, the rest depends on you!

Theory course. The theoretical part includes the basics of surfing, you will learn proper pop-up techniques, surfing etiquette and surfing rules, effective paddling techniques, how to paddle out to line up, make the drop, ride and catch the green waves, how to handle wipeouts and essential moves. You will get profound and detailed information about each theme and even more — the full seven lessons surfing theory course with a textbook.

Photo coach session. During our 14 days surf program we do a photo coach session with photos included. During the photo lesson, pictures of the waves and intents will be shot by a professional photographer and then analyzed and discussed, so you can see your mistakes, understand what needs to be improved and how to do it. You will be able to see not only your mistakes and epic wipeouts, but you’ll also get the best shots of your waves with the thrilling excitement on your face!

Pilates for surfers. Stretching and physical strength is very important for surfers and the ones who wanna B SURFER! It makes your body stronger, gives it necessary flexibility and teaches right way to breath. Specially for our surf camps we prepare special fitness course for surfers. Pilates/ Fitness classes will be held two times per week, the lesson lasts at least one and a half hour.

Surf movie nights. Several evenings at surf villa we will be watching classic inspiring surf movies that must be watched by anyone who wanna B SURFER! Chill evenings, great surf movies, cool company of friends!

Adventure after surf activity

Boat trip. As a day off from surfing you will have exciting boat tour to see thousands of dolphins, «sea devils» giant manta rays, different species of ocean turtles and if you are lucky you see the gray whales that are migrating in the pacific waters of Puerto-Escondido from November to March.

Lagoon trip with night swimming into glowing plankton. Thrilling adventure that you never forget! Boat trip onto lagoon with labyrinths of mangroves trees and hundreds of birds, amazing seafood barbecue dinner on the island in between lagoon, ocean and the river, sunset watching and firework and on the way back night swimming into glowing plankton.

Final grill party at surf villa. Great music, delicious seafood / meet grilled plates and mexican antojitos with authentic oaxacan mezcal.

Two weeks of our dream in Mexico that you never forget!

Surf camp package 14 nights/15 days — 1250 USD per person.

New Year surf camp package 9nights/10 days — 1650 USD per person  

To book your place in the next surf camp, please, call or Whatsapp/sms 

+52 954 1109221 or simply send us mail:

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