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B SURFER surf school is the only surf school in Puerto Escondido, Mexico that meets ISA (International Surfing Association) safety standards, providing beginner surf lessons on soft boards, that makes your surfing experience completely safe. We offer surf lessons and body board lessons with experienced surf instructors for the people of all ages, running super low prices with small group and individual lessons.

Our team. B SURFER surf school is a family of soul mates, who has as their goal to make your dream about surfing come true by showing you how to understand and love the ocean. All instructors are certified and every year, they complete the «First aid and water safety» courses, blending local knowledge of world class waves, many years of surfing and teaching experience. They are real fans of «boards and waves». This will guarantee safety and great results!

Surf & stay packages. For your comfortable staying in Puerto Escondido, we offer you packages including accommodation at SURF VILLA right on the surf spot with beautiful ocean view, green territory, spacious rooms and suites and swimming pools, yoga lessons and theory lessons.

PACKAGES «Accommodation + surf lessons + theory course + yoga for surfers»: 

Package #1 Accommodation at gorgeous surf villa standard room, surf lessons.

Package #2  Accommodation at gorgeous surf villa standard room, surf lessons and full theory course.

Package  #3  Accommodation at gorgeous surf villa standard room, surf lessons and theory course for beginners, yoga course. Yoga lessons take place 2 times per week, duration 1,5-2 hours includes meditation, breathing techniques, intense flow of power yoga and deep relaxation. 

Packages 1 week (6 nights/7 days,
5 surf lessons)
2 weeks (13 nights/14 days,
10 surf lessons, photo session)
 #1 350(1/2 DBL)/ 450 SNGL / 320 (1/3 TRPL) 650 (1/2 DBL)/ 850 SNGL/ 580 (1/3 TRPL)
#2 380 (1/2 DBL)/ 480 SNGL / 340 (1/3 TRPL) 700 (1/2 DBL)/ 850 SNGL/ 630 (1/3 TRPL)
#3 380 (1/2 DBL)/ 490 SNGL / 360 (1/3 TRPL) 740(1/2 DBL)/ 870 SNGL/ 670 (1/3 TRPL)


Packages 3 weeks (20 nights/21 days, 15 surf lessons) 4 weeks (27 nights/28 days, 20 surf lessons)
#1 850 (1/2 DBL/SNGL)/775 (1/3 TRPL) 1050 (1/2 DBL/SNGL)/ 950 (1/3 TRPL)
#2 910 (1/2 DBL/SNGL) / 835 (1/3 TRPL) 1110 (1/2 DBL)/SNGL)/ 1010 (1/3 TRPL)
#3 970 (1/2 DBL/SNGL) / 895 (1/3 TRPL) 1190(1/2 DBL)/SNGL)/1090 (1/3 TRPL)

All the prices is subject to change without prior notification. Kindly note that present prices are not valid for Easter and Christmas holidays. For holidays quotes please contact

Surf camps. Several times per year spring, autumn and winter holidays we are running «SURF&YOGA» camps, which includes accommodation in our gorgeous SURF VILLA right on the surf spot, surf lessons, theory and yoga lessons, barbecue parties and adventure tours. Every day adventures, new friends and surf!

Next surf camp dates:  21 September — 3 October 2018 / 4 October — 17 October 2018 /                                                   20 October — 2 November 2018 / 3 November — 16 November 2018 /                                                         30 December — 12 January 2019 /14 January — 28 January 2019

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Surf lessons in Puerto Escondido

For more information and booking, please, contact us at or Whatsapp  +529541109221

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