Surf lessons


Fun and safe surf lessons. Our surf school in Puerto Escondido operates from 2011 and meets high standards of surfing safety, providing surf lessons on the amazing and light Wavestorm surfboards, designed for surf lovers who want to catch every single wave, “No wave unridden!”.

Certified multi-language instructors. All instructors of our surf school are certified and every year, they go through the “First aid and water safety” courses, blending local knowledge of beautiful waves, many years of surfing, and teaching experience. They are real fans of “boards and waves”. This will guarantee safety and great results! During your surf lesson you can have instructions in Spanish, English or Russian.

All level surf lessons. B Surfer have surf lessons for complete beginners and for intermediate surfers who want to improve their surfing skills and get more knowledge about waves and the ocean.

Flex schedule. Surf lessons are held two times per day: first in the morning between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., and the second in the afternoon, the sunset session. With this comfortable schedule, they offer you the best conditions to surf, avoiding hot midday hours and the opportunity to choose the best time for early birds or for the ones who enjoy the exciting nightlife of La Punta. Even if you want to have intense surf training of two lessons per day, we are ready to face a surfing challenge with you!

Semi-private group surf lessons. Every group surf lesson will be divided into smaller focus groups, depending on the level of surfing skills you have! B Surf guarantees one instructor for 2 or maximum 3 students, to ensure your safety and best learning results.

The surf lessons last two hours, including warm-up, necessary information about surf spots, theory part and practicing in the water. We are not gonna make surfing champions of our students, we gonna teach you the basics, the rest depends on you! Starting from 650 MXN per person. 

Private surf lessons. Our surf school also offers private surf lessons that provides students opportunity to work with an instructor one-on-one lesson. Some students are shy and embarrassed to learn something new, we will guide you smoothly through the tough process of learning surfing. Some students require undivided time of their instructor and prefer to have deep insight into surfing, its understandable and that is why we offer you special attention during your private class.

Intensive surf lessons. Special surf lessons made for those ones who are fit and want to spend more time surfing in the water and on the beach. 3 hours surf lesson, 1,5 hours surf session in the water with private instructor, 30 mins break – rest on the beach and another 1 hour session. Minimum reservation is for 2 people – 1200 MXN per person with transportation and water included. 

Theory course. The theoretical part includes the basics of surfing, you will learn proper pop-up techniques, surfing etiquette and surfing rules, effective paddling techniques, how to paddle out to line up, make the drop, ride and catch the green waves, how to handle wipeouts and essential moves. If you need more profound and detailed information about each theme and even more, the full seven lessons surfing theory course with a textbook is always available during your stay!

High quality equipment. The equipment for beginners is the best fun soft board in the world! If you don’t wanna miss a wave, you will love it! As soon as you master your surfing skills on this amazing board, you will be offered a more maneuverable and fast hardboard, according to your skills.

Photo coach session. Every surfing course includes a photo coach session with photos included. During the lessons, pictures of the waves and intents will be shot by a professional photographer and then analyzed and discussed, so you can see your mistakes, understand what needs to be improved and how to do it. You will be able to see not only your mistakes and epic wipeouts, but you’ll also get the best shots of your waves with the thrilling excitement on your face!

Waves for all level surfers. The beautiful surfing town and the nearby surroundings offer surf spots for surfers of all levels. From complete beginners to advanced! In case the waves are big, there are magnificent surfing spots with turquoise waters and coral sand on the beach that offer smaller and soft waves for beginners. Intermediate and advanced surfers will be excited to master their skills in the home spot of la Punta, with fast and fun waves.

    star rating  I did one-to-one surf classes with José and i got every peso's worth. José obviously has alot of coaching experience as my classes were tailored to suit my needs. He... read more


    star rating  I did one-to-one surf classes with José and i got every peso's worth. José obviously has alot of coaching experience as my classes were tailored to suit my needs. He... read more

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Pricing for surf lessons per person in USD/MXN

Private surf lesson  – 55 USD / 1000 MXN

Package of 5 privates surf lessons – 4750 MXN / 250 USD *includes foto session

Intensive surf lesson (3 hours) – 60 USD/ 1200 MXN (min 2 persons)

Private group of 2 people  – 40 USD/ 800 MXN 

Package of 5 semi-private lessons – 200 USD / 3900 MXN *includes foto session

Single group surf lesson – 35 USD / 650 MXN 

Package of 3 group surf lessons – 100 USD / 1900 MXM

Package of 5 group surf lessons – 150 USD / 3000 MXN  

Package of 10 group surf lessons – 300 USD / 6000 MXN *includes foto session

“Our students are always happy! Enjoy fun and safe Puerto Escondido surf lessons in Mexico with B SURFER surf school!”

To book your surf lesson, please, call or Whatsapp or sms  +52 954 1109221

You also can reach us by E-mail: