Our team of Puerto Escondido, Mexico surf school B SURFER

Jose Rodriguez – Co-founder and Chief instructor of B SURFER surf school, he is the real fan of “boards and waves” and deep lover of surfing, he lives and breathes the ocean and its waves. From his teenage years when he first time saw and get fascinated by perfection of Mexican pipe-line barrels, surfing the wave became his real passion. Having more than 20 years surfing experience and 10 years teaching, talented athlete, patient, easy going, encouraging teacher with always great smile will make you love this beautiful sport and the ocean.

Anna Loginova – Co-founder and Manager of B SURFER surf school, Anna is passion surfer and amateur surfing photographer, that loves everything about surfing from fast maneuverable short boards till stylish gliding on the single fin! Having more than 10 years experience in surfing, she is excited to share the fun and many years knowledge about surfing with our students. Anna gives theory surfing lessons, takes the best shots of you on the waves and makes sure you get most comfort and adventure from staying with B SURFER. She is also the one that will answer your questions and accept your reservations online.

Anna InstagramCapture_7de7a431-a9d1-42b2-9ea8-a5df8d6f761b IMG_6936.jpg surf drop knee

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